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Business Effective Article Marketing for internet marketers is an invaluable tool. Used properly, articles whether as content on a website or used in article directories can lead to targeted traffic, sales and search engine rankings. It is just wise to have article marketing as a strategy for any website owner. The benefits of effective article marketing are the same for veteran experienced internet marketers as for beginners that are just starting. One big one especially for beginners with little to no money is that effective article marketing can be done at no cost, but an investment in time is necessary. Businesses online have been known to use this strategy alone to draw search engine traffic and to build profitable websites. For getting backlinks and sites indexed by search engines articles are very effective. A good, optimized article can get indexed and ranked high in the search engines, bringing traffic and prospective customers to your site. Here are a few simple tips on what should be in a article for it to give you the result of getting search engine rankings and money making traffic to your website. Focus your articles topic on a keyword or keyword phrase. People that are searching for something use specific terms to find it online, use those words (or keywords), while searching in the search engines. There are free keyword tools online to help with keywords, one good one is Googles own Keyword Suggestion Tool. Relevance is most important. For example if your site is about plasma tv’s dont write an article about electronics write one about plasma tv’s to get targeted traffic. Write naturally and be cautious of keyword stuffing. There are schools of thought that say that keyword density, or the ratio of the number of times a keyword appears in an article, should be 2%-6%. Search engines have become smarter and look for more natural writing, so include the main keyword you are targeting maybe 3-4 times in your article and use similar words and phrases also. Now, is what you are writing about readable, does it make sense or is it just a bunch of keywords or phrases that you are targeting to get the attention of search engines. Search engines don’t buy and they frown on articles that, again, are not of value to the reader. Make sure to eliminate grammar and spelling errors. And, make sure that the content of your article offers some real value to the reader. Make sure your facts are correct. Your article should offer excellent information and facts to back up claims. Effective article marketing requires a good article that promotes confidence and is well recieved by the reader. This will position you as an expert in your field or subject. If people can trust you they are more likely to buy your product or service. The resource box of your article is where the money is made. If you are submitting your article to article directories the resource box, usually at the end of your article, is where you can add a brief bio of yourself, site or product but most importantly put a link back to your website. This is a must since without that link no one can find you. After reading people will click the link in your resource box to your site if you have done effective article marketing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: