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Identity-Theft Hey! Are you aware of the dangers posed to your bank and credit card accounts these days due to identity theft and fraud? Youve probably heard something about the growing danger of identity theft to adults across the globe. However, did you know our children are increasingly becoming targets for criminals and identity theft? You might ask yourself why on earth an adult would want to steal a childs identity. How is that even possible? Well unfortunately its much easier than you could imagine. Children are always targets for any and all crimes. They are vulnerable and most often naive to these dangers. Do you let your child walk around with a cell phone, a credit card, perhaps even a bank ATM card? All of these things can end up in the wrong hands. Do you trust your child not to lose these things? Do they regularly answer the home phone before anyone else? You’d be surprised the type of information that can be extracted from their little mouths by a career criminal. Identity theft is perhaps the fastest growing crime in the United States, and all that is needed is a social security number to get started. Once you are born you are provided with a personal social security number that stays with you for life. We use this number for all sorts of financial activities. It is intimately tied to us throughout our life, but that does not mean others cant find ways to use and abuse it if they get their hands on it. ID Theft for Years! Think about it for a second. Professional criminals attempting child identity theft know that if they are successful it could be years before that child finds out. Identity theft could happen when your kid is eight or nine years old and it might be a full decade or two before its been discovered. Your child, now all grown up, could try and take out a loan, or secure their own line of credit and discover that in fact their credit score is ruined. A professional could hide this activity for many years and then one day your child starts getting calls from lenders and other people looking for money owed to them. To learn more about the dangers of childrens identity theft go to Their team of experts are constantly studying and fighting the ever growing techniques of identity thieves. They have a national database of companies and law firms that deal with this problem every day. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: