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Software Call centre software systems perform a variety of functions such as automating processes, reporting in real time and integrating different channels of communication between agents and customers. Depending upon the complexity of tasks and the magnitude of the enquiry turnover, there are several types of call centre software systems such as telephone call routing software, predictive dialers and call centre control software etc. available in the market place. Typically, for more details visit to most call centre software solutions have the following features: Reporting Since call centers need to have real time interaction with customers, keeping check of agent performance so as to maintain and improve the quality of customer service, for more details visit to is of critical importance. Call centre software systems perform this task very efficiently by providing real time reports to managers. Performance reports over time can also be produced. While every call centre software solution provides some standard performance reports, one should look for flexibility and customizability so that the call centre is ready for future challenges and requirements. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) The customer needs to be attended to sooner rather than later is the goal of a call centre striving to serve its customers well. But the number of agents handling many customers over a number of channels makes it tough to manage efficiently if an automatic call routing aide is not available. The automatic call distribution feature of call centre software simplifies this rather complex operation. Not only does it route the call to an available agent, it also provides any information available on the customer to the agent, thus giving customers a personalized experience. Call centre software solutions with advanced ACD features can also pick and choose the most appropriate agent for a particular caller based on their past calling history, complexity of problem, agents skill etc. This helps with customers getting the right service in good time. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) The most frustrating experience for any customer is to call a call centre for the nth time and have to repeat all their details over and over again. Computer telephony integration features stop this kind of situation arising. The customers data and previous call history are stored in a computer that is integrated with the telephone system through software. The moment the customer gets connected to an agent, all this data is made visible to that agent on their screen, leaving the customer free to pursue their current problem without having to repeat themselves. Such is the effectiveness of this feature that computer telephony integration has become a default feature for any call centre software solutions. Advanced versions boast of soft phone functionality (use of computer to control calls) and predictive dialer capabilities (an agent is connected only when a live person answers the automatically placed call). Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Quite a few callers have queries that can be solved by just accessing a database without engaging an agent. An Interactive voice response feature interacts with customers and leads them to a solution through a set of predetermined questions. It is a very important feature, and can be an expensive adds on, so does enquire about its availability with your chosen package. Apart from above mentioned must have features, call centre software solutions generally have some other features like workforce management for real time monitoring, call blending for switching agents between handling inbound calls and outbound calls, and multimedia handling for simultaneously handling of queries over different communication channels such as email, web, fax, chat and phone calls. The performance of a call centre depends a lot upon the efficiency of the call centre software. So do a thorough investigation of your systems, processes and future plans before deciding upon any call centre software solution – be it operations specific such as telephone call routing software, predictive dialer or general call centre management software. Moreover always go for the software that is scalable and customizable according to your specific business and turnover requirements. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: