we are wondering how to stay fit. Here are few things that you can do to your eating habits that will help you keeping fit 项俊波被双开 火箭正式签下周琦

UnCategorized With the mercury level showing all time low in several years, we are no longer in a mood to enjoy the chilling breeze as our children do. With the increased fat content in our diets and reduced exercises, we are wondering how to stay fit. Here are few things that you can do to your eating habits that will help you keeping fit: ~ Increase the intake of fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits. They will supplement your body with the vitamins and minerals and hence help in building the immune system. Do not depend on vitamins and mineral supplements in your daily routine. You can get that from fresh vegetables and fruits. ~ Control the desire of sipping hot coffee, tea or chocolate drink frequently. They can very well be replaced with fresh and hot vegetable soups. This will also help in the reduced need of smoking a cigarette. ~ Increase the intake of fiber rich food instead of fat or carbohydrate rich items. For example such as sweet potato instead of potato. ~ You should also take dry fruits like cashew nut, almonds, walnuts in small amounts as they help in maintaining the body warmth. ~ Often people depend on fat rich diet to keep themselves warm. They end up gaining several calories by the end of winter. You don’t need to depend only on fat rich food such as butter or cheese to make your food tasty. Try spices like ginger and garlic to provide you warmth and immunity from diseases like flu. ~ Do not skip any of your meals be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. ~ We tend to reduce the water intake in winters. Try taking lukewarm water whenever you feel the need. Force yourself to have more water than you actually feel like. ~ Physical activity drastically reduces in winters as we always like to stay cosy in the warmth of our house. As it is difficult even to take a walk outside, try exercising at home daily. A better option can be joining a gym which even helps you in socializing a bit. ~ Do not avoid going outdoors especially when you are not working. Find reasons to meet friends and socialize. While going out, make sure your head is covered as you lose heat through your head really fast. ~ Sleep well. It is noticed that the sleep hours increases a bit in winter. This helps the body in maintaining its temperature as you lose less heat while you are sleeping in your cosy bed. Hence you feel better during rest of the day. It is very common for children and adults to fall sick in winters. If they do not fall sick, they may end up gaining those layers of fat. With the balanced diet, one can get rid of both the problems. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: