Trajan’s Column and other sights are situated here 2 国图附近现浮尸 福建仙游客车坠桥

Travel-and-Leisure Rome in winter is no less interesting than in summer. Besides there’s no sticky heat which is a characteristic feature of the summer Rome. When chilly outside it’s much nicer to drop in at a caf and have a cup of hot chocolate! After reading several guide-books a head is in a muddle: the Colosseum, the Pantheon, Piazza VeneziaBut the experienced travelers and Rome-admirers say it’s better to get acquainted with the city leisurely, step by step looking round Rome. Firstly, one should find a green information booth and to take a city map. Secondly, it’s a good idea to get on the tram #3 or #8. They circle round the city so you have a chance to see the whole Rome through the glass windows. The tram will surely pass the Colosseum and after its examination you can turn to Fori Imperiali and take photos. The street is famous due to several reasons: 1) this is the longest archaeological area in the world. The ancient market, Trajan’s Column and other sights are situated here 2) The street is located between Piazza Venezia, the Colosseum, Arch Of Constantine and the Capitoline Hill 3) this street hosts military parades and concerts of the famous bands and singers like Elton John and Paul McCartney. Then you can go any way you like Rome is rich in churches, fountains, squares, hills, museums, streets and small shops. If you go from Navona Square towards the Pantheon, you’ll pass a modern dwelling house standing over the ancient ruins. This is real Rome the complete mutual understanding and interpenetration of history and modern life. Squares in Rome are at every step. Most of them are overcrowded although there are small squares which are not so popular with the tourists. The Minco Square, a part of the Coppede Quarter, is one of such squares. Fountains, arches and Art Nouveau buildings this Rome is worth seeing! No less interesting is the historical area around Rome called Campo del Fiori. Narrow lanes, arches, endless stores with different goods, salespeople with barrows full of vegetables, vintage salons rub shoulders with luxurious Renaissance palaces and linen on the ropes the sceneries one will never forget! About spiritual traditions of the city remind the magnificent Vatican. Bear in mind that it is allowed to stroll through its gardens only with a guide. Go round the elliptic Saint Peter’s Square and then go upstairs its dome, buy a card and send it by post, which is situated right here. The card will be posted with a Vatican stamp. Then go to the Argentina Square where a kind of cat shelter is situated. They live among the ancient ruins in the close territory. There is a shop which sells cat souvenirs. The most popular of them is a stone from the Tiber with a cat image on it. It is believed to bring luck. For other souvenirs go to the flea market located 10 minutes away from the Pyramide metro station. Keep alert Rome is famous for the pickpockets. And don’t forget to enjoy the sunset in Rome strolling along the Circus Massimo: the sun floods the ancient ruins of the Palatine Hill opposite the circus. About the Author: 3-star Shimla Hotels By: Dayindelhi – At the point when special night destinations in North India are discussed, Shimla remains the focal point of discussion. This pleasant town is amazingly wonderful, and gets baited by sentimental couples year-round. A huge number of honeymooners from the nation over visit here and do a reversa … Tags: Enjoy Your Days In Shimla & Manali By: Dayindelhi – Himachal Pradesh is most spellbinding and alluring condition of India. It is the Place where there is Slopes. There are various slopes in the state. 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