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UnCategorized To hell with a white church wedding, to hell with costly receptions and no more doves and rice, still wondering where I’m headed to? For your information it’s the traditional wedding approach which in my opinion is boring and old fashioned. Not that old fashioned is bad but a little bit of excitement goes a long way in weddings and to get you started, try to imagine a wedding set in a Polynesian beach. AMAZING huh!! Or in the middle earth venue like the "The lord of the rings" movie scene in Queenstown, New Zealand, even better doing your vows underwater or midflight in a bungee jump. The wedding industry is in a transformation and fashion trends are on top of the wheel. Planning a destination wedding is both fun and exciting and in most cases cheaper than traditional white church weddings with the inevitable reception (just keep the number of invited guests low and you’ll be fine). Below are some of the best wedding spots that will let you to get married in style. Rainforest Wedding in Cairns, Australia Have a feel of the jungle at Cairns, with spectacular coral reefs. This magical place allows you to get married in this thriving tropical forest encircled by nothing but palm trees, a symphony of wild birds and ferns. You’re also ferried by a private boat to seclusion away from prying eyes and an overseer priest marries you. A wedding package to this place includes a bouquet of flowers, champagne, a witness, music and cake. If you’re not impressed doing your thing in a rain forest then there’s an abundant of locations in Australia like its white sandy beaches, well kept ancient temples and churches, gardens plus the famous Sydney Opera. Tribeca Rooftop in New York City for a Penthouse Wedding If your idea of a wedding is one overlooking the greatest city in the world then the Tribeca Rooftop in New York City is the perfect place for you. This stunning penthouse around 15,000 square foot offers you an unobstructive view of the Empire state building, the Hudson river, the Chinatown, and SoHo. The penthouse features indoor and outdoor sections, mezzanine balcony, glitzy chandeliers, and is a big attraction to the fashion conscious among us who also love big-city nights. One night at the Tribeca Rooftop will cost you around $250 a person, for a max of 350 inclusive of buffet. You’ll have to part with more cash for extras like DJ, florists, band and photographers. Santorini, Greece for a Volcano Wedding So you want to wed in a place that is symbolic of your raw passion and flames of affections, then no place beats Santorini, Greece. This Greek fairy-tale island has a volcano that offers a wonderful backdrop for a wedding ceremony. Santorini is a spectacular getaway and costs $ 2,000. At this amount you’re guaranteed a classic Greek wedding complete with dancers, musicians, donkeys, champagne, dessert and other drinks. You also get the option of choosing where to wed from, a winery or a sailing ship. Off to Magic Island Hawaii for a Beach Wedding Nothing is remarkable to a couple like saying vows to the sounds of the ocean. If you wanna have this kind of adventure when tying the knot then pack your bags and head off to Magic Island Hawaii, the island of Oahu is the destination where you can wed of on the sand while sandwiched by coconut trees on one side and the ocean on another. After ring exchange take your bride the surf and sample rum punch. You’ll need around $450 for a bouquet, minister, limousine service, cake and photos. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: