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Finance A bit research on loan modification before making its application can make a great difference between the approval and rejection thus one should carry out proper research and study for the loan modification process before making an application. The average homeowner trapped in a bad loan and are struggling with their finances doesn"t understand the loan modification process and how could the Obama federal plan be useful. It"s vital for these homeowners to know about this plan because $75 billion dollars have been set aside to help the homeowners. Below given is some basic information which can help people to apply and qualify for a loan modification process. The federal loan modification program is basically a 5 step process which a borrower must successfully navigate to their mortgage modified at lower interest rates. 1. Contact the lender and let them know the trouble you are facing in making your payments and managing your finances. The lender will either give the reference of their website or will mail the application to you. But one should take care and should not provide any financial data in the first call. One needs to first learn and prepare before disclosing his debts and income. 2. Now one can start gathering information and the required documents for the mortgage modification program. One needs to have knowledge about the approval guidelines so that he prepare his budget according and make necessary changes to prove for the criteria. This step is crucial because if anyone gives his information to the bank directly than there is a risk of his loan approval turning down. 3. Mail the complete loan modification details to the lender. One should also keep the copies of the entire records with him. One shouldn"t leave anything and should complete the application firm to avoid delaying. 4. After this a short interview would be there, probably telephonic and during this the information would be verified and the lender will provide loan modification rates and ask few questions. Assure to have all the paperwork and get ready. If one has figured his target payment than his chances for a loan mod approval would be more. 5. At last, the bank will provide the loan workout proposal and one should sign it, assure to review the agreement carefully before signing it. The Obama loan modification plan has certain guidelines and standard terms. If a person can prove and meet those guidelines then he could have his interest rate reduced to as low as 2%. It"s worth to learn and prepare before starting the loan mod application process. Just a little bit of research on loan modification online can make a great difference between approval and rejection. Contact Loansstore for more details and information on loan modification application process and its approval. Get Approved for Federal Loan Modification Program About the Author: 相关的主题文章: