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How To Look Years Younger Naturally. These are based on the Chapter on Your Face from his book How To Look Years Younger Naturally available from In Part 1, we introduced the concept of Facial Isometrics. In Parts 2 & 3 we worked on the specific exercises from your neck to your nose. So lets keeping moving on up! I hope you have been seriously working on these natural techniques presented to you so far they can truly help you look more youthful and prevent & remove wrinkles. 8.around the eyes In addition to loose jowls, the skin around the eyes is probably most responsible for showing the effects of ageing. The two main issues are bagginess and darkness under the eyes, plus crows-feet or wrinkles extending out from the corners of the eyes. There is one point of potential good news here (Im afraid that it only seems to apply to men) and that is that many women seem to consider the scrunches at the side of the eyes rather sexy! Lets start with under the eyes. Some reasons Ive heard for causing bagginess and dark rings are poor circulation and build-up of fluids like lymph. Well, for either of these causes, the following will also help alleviate it. Just a word of warning this exercise may leave the area under your eyes looking rather more wrinkled for about ten minutes before the improvement occurs, so do not do it just before going into a meeting or a special rendezvous! a)Basically, the exercise consists of using the muscles under the eyes to pull the skin up towards the eyes. You will probably need to do it initially in front of a mirror to see it in action and you will see and feel it pulling the top half of your cheek up but it is the muscles directly under the eyes that you should be using not those in the cheek. As normal, do 10 reps on the left side then the right followed by alternating left and right then pulling up both sides together, I find this exercise can be improved even more by firstly pulling down the top lip and lower cheeks (with the corresponding muscles) and holding that position while performing the eye exercise. Apparently, crows feet are caused by such things as too much sunbathing, squinting from the sun (which eventually becomes a permanent muscle tension) and smoking. Well talk about the many evil effects of smoking later but you can help avoid squinting by wearing sunglasses and a hat when in the sun, also by wearing reading glasses if you need them! As I discuss elsewhere in this chapter, if you are squinting while getting a suntan then you will inevitably end up with white squint lines which cause an effect which looks like crows feet. Unfortunately I cannot find any way to use facial muscles to pull the skin out away from the eyes towards the ears, nor down towards the cheeks. However, we can pull it upwards towards the forehead and we will cover this in the forehead exercise below. We can also work the muscles in the same way that they crinkle up the side of the eyes in the first place. Why would you want to do something that causes the problem, I hear you asking. Well it is a common way to relax a muscle to tense it hard then relax it. When the muscle relaxes, it ceases to scrunch up the area. This is how Botox injections work the toxin paralyses the muscle so it no longer works. But they only last for a while (typically 3 to 8 months) and then the muscle tenses up again when the deadening chemical wears off and the problem returns. With this exercise and other relaxation activities, you can get rid of the underlying cause for good. b)Use the muscles in your cheek to lift it up hard towards your eyebrow. It is a bit like a squint. As usual do this left, right, alternate, both together but after each set relax for a moment before continuing. At the end of all four sets, relax again then open up your eyes and the area around them as wide as possible for a count of ten. This will relax the cheek muscles back down again. c)A firm massage of the (potential) crows feet area will also be beneficial. Simply rub your finger-tips up and down about ten times and then rub them from the corners of your eyes outwards. Well I hope you have been enjoying these articles so far. Let me know by sending an email to [email protected] Of course, if you want to find out valuable information about other important ways to look more youthful then just go to the website We will continue these Facial Isometrics in Part 5. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: