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Travel-and-Leisure Getting a Tour at Islands of Adventure During Your Orlando Getaway Generally, Orlando is linked with Disney World yet Orlando has a lot more to offer than just Disney and its popular parks. One vacation spot that will really provide you with the most unforgettable Orlando vacation is Islands of Adventure, which is a component of the Universal Studios resort and is located across the studios in close proximity to International Drive. Although admission lines can be long, Islands of Adventure operate an optional Universal Express fast pass system, where you can use your ticket to book for your ride in advance over a specific time period. This would then help vacationers to stay away from long lines and letting them experience different amazing rides at discounted charges which are offered by the park. You must get there early because the place gets busy very quickly and although the official opening time is 9 am, they often open the doors sooner. In general, Islands of Adventure is identified to be frequently top among the list of the best theme parks of the city, thus, it is considered a marvelous attraction spot in Orlando. Orlando Vacation: Places to Visit for Nature Lovers Orlando is not just identified for its world class tourist spots but it also provides many natural attractions where travelers can explore. Orlando, which is directly situated in central Florida, is home to both wonderful natural environment as well as implausible waters on each side. As an outcome, the beautiful ambiance of Orlando offers many complimentary places to tour and things to do during your Orlando vacation. The Lake Eola Parks entrance is free of charge and it is regarded as the downtown Orlando centerpiece that has 43 acres for guests to explore and recreate and among these are fountains, a pathway for walking, playgrounds, and swans to feed as well as swan-shaped row boats and gondolas. Another free spot where you can hike is Ocala National Forest, a great place to experience natural Florida where you can view hardwood forests, swamps, springs, and prairies. Last but not least is Kelly Park, which offers over 248 acres of outdoor fun and excitement, a crystal clear spring with water sports, including tubing, and rock climbing. Orlando Vacation: Universal Studios So just what kinds of things are there to see and do when your Orlando vacation takes you to Universal Studios?Universal Studios Florida offers Orlando visitors the chance to get a more private look at their favorite Hollywood movies. The place also offers other attraction spots and exhilarating rides suited for vacationers, regardless of age and personality, who desire to try heart-pumping activities. There is also a memorable family activity provided which is The Simpsons Ride, where appearances of your most wanted Simpsons casts are featured while you are brought on a wild adventure through Krustyland. For roller coaster fanatics, Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket takes you 17 stories over Universal Studios and allows you to see Orlando from a different point of view. The guests can choose a song before strapping and then experience a 65 mph ride which can be recorded for them to buy and keep a copy for their selves in memory of their whole exciting adventure. All of the rides are tiresome so vacationers can treat themselves after with some tasty food served at one of the various Universal Studios Orlando diners. Family Resorts for your Orlando vacation The city of Orlando is located in Central Florida and is visited by more than 50 million vacationers each year. As a result of the continuous influx of vacationers, Orlando resorts have become a booming business, which lead to the establishment of many resorts that guarantee an amazing Orlando vacation. Whether you are traveling with the whole family or by yourself, these resorts is your best shot to have a great time. Each one promises to give high class services and amenities such as game rooms, basketball courts, conference rooms, spas, swimming pools, and golf courses. Furthermore, they come in various rates so that vacationers will have an option in picking a deal that is well within their budget. Rates can be as low as 75 dollars a night, and can get up to 1200 dollars per person so make sure to try the discounted offer worth 250 dollars for a four nights and 5 days stay to lower your expenses. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: