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A Chance For Myself And My Family Posted By: Jason Trusler I would like to be a medical transcriptionist for many reasons. One reason is my husband and I are both unemployed and we have six children. We live in a small city and jobs are scarce to say the least. We want to be able to support our family and give our children a better education and future. A second reason I would like to be a medical transcriptionist is because I have a head injury from a car accident I was in when I was 18 years old. I have a hard time learning. I have wanted to get an education and make something of my life, but it is extremely hard for me to learn by books. I learn easier by doing things or being shown how to do things. Needless to say you cannot get a job by explaining this to an employer. I have wanted to try to do medical transcription at home for the last 3 years, but have not had the money to get started. This program could help give me the chance I need.medical transcription at home medical transcriptionist medical transcription at home Medical Transcription At Home Posted By: Jason Trusler The reason I would like to do medical transcription at home is because I was a home health care aid for about 12 years and I love the career of medical work. I am now disabled due to having cancer and this is something I can do at home. I have been cancer free for 2 years now and I would love to do this. I can’t go out to get a job because of being disabled. I do not want to feel useless anymore. This would make me very happy to be able to do this and I can do it at home. I know I could do Medical Transcription because I love the Medical field. I am disabled as I have said and as you may know, disabled people don’t get a whole lot of money to pay for something like this. I only get enough money to live on. As you know I do have a computer. It is an old one but I should be able to do this schooling on it. If not I will try to get another one. I am willing to work hard for this opportunity.medical transcription at home medical record jobs medical transcription at home Why I Prefer To Work Out Of My Home Posted By: Jason Trusler WRITTEN BY: Margaret R. Elkins I desire to enter the field of medical transcription because I possess a high motivation and interest in the medical field but prefer to do medical transcription at home because I own no car. I consider myself an effective behind-the-scenes employee and do not prefer front-office responsibilities. I work most effectively, alone, utilizing my own initiatives and creative skills. I remain an active senior citizen with a part-time job as a Congregate Aide for the Murray Calloway County Senior Citizens Center cafeteria. I primarily assist seniors by setting up and running the coffee/breakfast bar, which provides light breakfast snacks for those who have had early-morning fasting blood tests and require nutritional aid, such as cereal bars, instant oats or grits and yogurt cups with coffee or juice. Having worked as a medical transcriptionist (1975-78) at Henry County Medical Center, Paris, TN, and helping seniors with multiple medical issues, I desire to return to the world of medicine via the MT industry in order to assist physicians, and in turn, assist patients with medical needs. Secondarily, I desire to work at home in order to supplement a very fixed disability income.field of medical transcription medical transcription at home field of medical transcription My Medical Transcription Career Posted By: Jason Trusler Medical transcription is something that is becoming more popular in this time. I would like to become an MT because of the advantages and the ability to do medical transcription at home. I also enjoy typing very much that I think I could sit and just work at it most of the day. I was first introduced to medical transcription when I worked in a local hospital. At the time that I started, they decided I could type so well so they showed me how to start typing x-ray reports and progress notes. After getting comfortable with all the medical terminology and spelling of words, I started to help them type all the inpatient charts which included History and Physicals and Discharge notes. They were so backed up on inpatient charts. I then started to work on them and was able to get them up to date. My supervisor and coworkers were so amazed that I was able to accomplish such a task. I have always wanted to be able to set my own hours and get paid for it. I have two kids that are 4 and 9.medical transcription medical transcription at home medical transcription Becoming A Medical Transcriptionist Means Success Posted By: Jason Trusler WRITTEN BY: Annette Marie Hayward I would like to see a major career change happen to me in the near future. I have worked in the health care field for many years. My first job in the healthcare was when I was seventeen years old. I went to work as a Licensed Nursing Assistant in a nearby nursing home. As years went on, I worked in homes, doing private duty in- home patient care for the elderly, worked at Home Health, running to the elderly homes, doing personal care for people who needed my help, and more nursing home jobs, and now I work as a Recovery Staff person in a Mental Health Residential Home, which I really enjoy. Before I became a Recovery Staff person, I put in almost two years in the Vermont State Hospital, which I had learned a lot about Mental Health and Recovery from many clients and their issues. I am now forty four years old and would love to settle in my own home and start my own business making better money and having a better career for myself.becoming a medical transcriptionist do medical transcription at home becoming a medical transcriptionist You Could Do Medical Transcription At Home Posted By: Jason Trusler When I graduated from high school, girls were encouraged in one of two directions: secretarial school or nursing. I chose the secretarial path. For fourteen years I worked for Corporate America, successfully using my secretarial education in the business world. Although I enjoyed my job, passion was missing. After my third child was born, my priorities changed and I left the corporate marketplace. Almost immediately, previous coworkers looked to me as a possible caregiver for their children. I started with just a few children and found I enjoyed the work at home atmosphere and all it afforded me as a mom. Soon business was booming and I became a registered child care provider with New York State. I learned valuable skills as my own small business owner: income AND expense reporting, customer service, time management, planning and executing a preschool curriculum. Now, after having high chairs, toys and cribs surround me for more than 20 years, it is time for a change. But what path to take was the question. I have always been intrigued by medical terminology. I loved biology classes in school.could do medical transcription at home research to medical transcription jobs could do medical transcription at home Medical Transcription At Home Will Help You Earn A Good Living Posted By: Jason Trusler medical transcription at home medical transcriptionist work at home medical transcription at home Medical Transcription At Home Will Help You Succeed Posted By: Jason Trusler medical transcription at home medical transcriptionist work at home medical transcription at home The Allure Of Medical Transcription At Home Posted By: Jason Trusler I like to have a career as a Medical Transcriptionist since last year because I heard news about the booming of this allied career. I think this is the best job for me because I am a single parent and have two small children. I can work at home and hopefully to receive good salary while still taking care the needs of my children. I was motivated to have this kind of job because I also have a medical background course which is Bachelor of Science in Nursing and I know it will not be very difficult for me to have the training because I am familiar already with some medical words. It also my desire to work in a health care industry, even though this is a transcribing job, I can continue learning through hearing the medical reports and my minds will works and can apply what I learned in nursing school. Continuity of learning is very important for me. The great advantage in working as a Medical Transcriptionist is the flexibility of work and I prefer this kind of job compare to be hired as a Call Center Agent.medical transcription at home medical transcription jobs medical transcription at home The Rewards Of Medical Transcription At Home Posted By: Jason Trusler medical transcription at home medical transcriptionist work at home medical transcription at home Benefits Of Medical Transcription At Home Posted By: Jason Trusler I have been in the legal field for over fifteen years and some of the agencies I worked for included the medical malpractice field which involved transcribing documents with medical terminology. In view of the fact that I have some medical terminology, albeit limited, and the legal opportunities in my area are decreasing, I believe this would be a great opportunity to expand my medical terminology/transcription skills. My position/assignment as a legal assistant has been completed and I am now unemployed and feel this would be an ideal time to further my education. Additionally, having the legal background, I feel this would assist in the awareness of the legal standards and requirements that may apply to health records. In addition, other reasons to become a work at home medical transcriptionist include excellent pay, avoiding long commutes thereby reducing the waste of money and time, having job security in a growing market, rewarding/interesting work and a comfortable work environment.Work at Home Transcriptionist Medical Transcription at Home Work at Home Transcriptionist Earn Extra Money At Home With Online Jobs Posted By: Chris Simpson Today there are many people that are beginning to quit jobs in the office and turning to work at home jobs. Even if you’re not quite ready to give up your day job, there are many online jobs out there that can give you the ability to earn extra money from home. The great thing about these jobs is that you don’t have to commute and you can be in the comfort of your own home, still making money. Not sure what types of jobs are out there online, that will help you earn more money? Well, here are a few great job ideas that you can use to make some extra money at home. Making Money with Medical Transcription One great way that you can earn money from home online is to work as a medical transcriptionist. Of course you will need to have the right training and skills in order to do this job. A job in this field will require that you transcribe the dictation that is given by a medical professional. You take the medical information and put it into written form by word processing.make money online typing from home earn money at home earn extra money online jobs data entry jobs make money online Medical Transcription Is A Legitimate Home Based Business Posted By: Marilyn Roberts A good medical transcription school will teach many aspects such as medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, medical specialties and many other necessary areas of medicine. Some people who have already worked in the medical field may be able to get by with only a medical terminology course but taking a full course would be preferable. Now that the internet is being more widely used, it has given doctors, clinics, hospitals, and medical transcription companies the ability to hire transcriptionists from all over the world to work at home using their computers as a means of obtaining and submitting transcribed medical documents. It doesn’t matter if you live in a small town miles away from anywhere, or right in a big city. The internet has bridged the gap between providers and transcriptionists. A beginning MT would probably find it beneficial to work in-house at a clinic or hospital before spreading their wings and attempting to do medical transcription at home. One-on-one training on the job can help a beginner build up confidence in their transcription capabilities before going solo at home. Finding a mentor to help in the early days can be very beneficial also.medical transcription home based medical transcription medical transcription 相关的主题文章: