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Legal There are times in one’s life when nothing seems to go right. If you are already traumatized with permanent or irreversible disability, an incompetent or unresponsive ssd attorney handling your case may further put you into gloom. If you are one of those whose disability claim has already been rejected by the social security department, laxity and negligence on the part of your social security disability attorney may kill the reconsideration appeal when it comes up for hearing. But before you take drastic steps to fire your attorney, it will be prudent to check on why the attorney has failed to satisfy you. Check out the facts: Sometimes we misunderstand the other person or situation, without fully comprehending the facts and processes involved. Most attorneys conduct themselves professionally and try to give their best in legal services because they also have to make a living and protect their reputation. So check whether the attorney is deliberately or negligently handling your representation for disability claim. Clients expect to be kept updated almost on everyday basis from their social security disability attorneys because as a client, you are anxious to get over with it as quickly as possible and secure your financial future. Just because the attorney is not very responsive or unable to call you or take your query calls as and when you want, you cannot conclude that he is weakening your case. Such cases call for initial ground work by way of gathering and organizing documents and information and if the attorney has done that or in the process of doing it, then he is on the right track, only condition being that he should be under the schedule of filing a claim or appeal for reconsideration. There is not much you or the attorney can do after he has filed the claim with all supporting documents. When they submit the paperwork it’s out of their control. At times the social security administration office can take months before your case can come up for hearing, so blaming the attorney for the inordinate delays is unreasonable. The attorney has an equal interest in winning your case because his compensation in most instances is tied to swinging the disability claim in your favor. But the procedures and time involved is beyond his control. If you still have your doubts, it will be better to pay a personal visit to your ssd attorney and sort everything out between you. If you are satisfied that he has filed the claim properly making out a strong case in your favor, then you can only wait for the hearing schedule. Change your attorney: If you have constantly been disappointed with an attorney’s incompetence, then it is better to quit on him, so that you can move forward and let someone else do a better job. Just write to your attorney that his or her services are no longer needed. Next sign up with another attorney to handle your case and also ask him to notify the social security administrator by filling out a new form ssa-1696 informing them of the change. Things will take off smoothly from where they left off. If you must change your social security disability attorney, then do it after careful consideration. Copyright (c) 2010 Catalyst R.O.I. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: