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5 kinds of plants also you a clean lung lead: the following 5 kinds of plants, Qingfei effect super good! Small partners are worth a try! Cross branch vegetables can prevent lung cancer, expansion of cruciferous vegetables: prevent lung cancer extension of the compounds at the Georgetown University School of medicine and cancer prevention research institute study shows that cruciferous vegetables contain can prevent lung cancer in humans and animal development compounds. Cruciferous vegetables include broccoli, cabbage, kale and arugula etc.. Lobelia Lobelia also known as: clean the lungs expectorant food, since it is used to maintain the health of the human respiratory system. Lobelia contains an alkaloid (Toban), can not only clean mucus obstruction, eliminating phlegm and clean lungs and bronchial expansion effect, let it become easier. Chaparral (chaparral): lung detoxification is open in the chaparral shrub plants in the southwestern United States, Native American people since ancient times to it to clean the lungs. This plant contains two methyl hydrogen acid is a powerful antioxidant that prevents the secretion of histamine, help the body against fungi and bacteria, promote the ability of the lungs against spore contamination. Very useful for the treatment of respiratory diseases Mint Mint: clean Mint lung is a soothing herb for respiratory diseases such as cough, cold, very useful throat infection and sinus infections. The peppermint oil is also a compound that has a powerful antioxidant, and can promote digestion, anti spasm and expectorant. Tea or join the dishes can bring clean effect to the lungs with mint. Eucalyptus: cleaning the lungs of Eucalyptus is an ancient herbal ingredients. Eucalyptus oil contains active ingredients of cineole, significantly boost the immune system and spasmolysis. It can be used to relieve cough and expectorant drugs. Taking a deep breath of eucalyptus oil on a tissue can also help clean your lungs.相关的主题文章: