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36+6+8! He is the type of revenge Curitiba warriors the most stable reassurance (click to watch high-definition photos) of sina sports dispatch 102 than 92, the warriors beat the Hawks, to become the NBA’s fastest harvest 50 win team. The whole game, curry played 36 minutes, hit 5 three pointers, with more than 50% hits with 36 points, 6 rebounds, 8 assists and 3 steals in the eagle once saw a comeback hopes, library day again personally killed the game, and realized on the pitch, revenge on the team’s pleasure. Last season, the warriors lost a total of 15 games, one of which is in the home court, although the battle in curry harvest 26 points, but the team three points 33 shots, lost the final game. To curry and his warriors, who is not only the first game of the East Road, is revenge. For most of the first three sections, the eagle looked so vulnerable that it almost did not pose a threat to the warriors. The library is still unstoppable, even the eagle or of the press or to exhaust all the skills, the regional defense, but once the library find handle, a thorough restriction seems to be an impossible task for him. The middle of the third quarter, ahead of the warriors approaching 20 points, coach Cole waved his hand, Curitiba end, at that moment, day seems to turn the library seems to punch out early. However, with the situation of a sudden change in the situation, curry end, led by Schroder, the counter offensive, before the end of the third quarter, Sefolosha hit the buzzer hawks by 77 unexpectedly than the counter ultra 76. The audience suddenly bursting, the fans seem to see the home court Fanpan hope. But this hope is fleeting. In the fourth quarter, Thompson took the lead, hit two record three points after the ball to stabilize the situation. 6 minutes before the end of the game, curry once again play, first hit three points, followed by continuous success, instant expansion of the difference. 36 seconds before the whistle, Curitiba firmly hit two free throws, the end of the game, the pleasure of revenge. After winning this battle, the warriors record to 50 wins and 5 losses, NBA have become the history of the fastest harvest 50 win team after 72 wins the bulls in 56 games to harvest 50 wins, leading a warrior, which shows this season the warriors against the state. Curry when remember tougong, who is a great tribute to the contribution of 36+6+8 to library, day today, but this is just a common technical statistics. Let’s not consider whether we can surpass the Bulls’ 72 wins. Who can stop them from defending the title in the current state of curry and warriors? (JOE)

36+6+8!库里式复仇 他才是勇士最稳的定心丸 (点击观看高清组图)   新浪体育讯  102比92,勇士客场击败老鹰,成为NBA历史上最快收获50胜的球队。全场比赛,库里出战36分钟,命中5记三分球,以超过五成的命中率贡献36分、6个篮板、8次助攻外加3次抢断,在老鹰一度看到翻盘希望的时候,库日天再度亲手杀死了比赛,并实现了在这片球场,对这支球队的快意复仇。   上赛季常规赛,勇士总共输了15场,其中之一就是在老鹰主场,那一战库里虽然收获26分,但全队三分球33投12中,最终客场告负。对库里和他的勇士而言,此役不仅是东征之路的第一场球,更是复仇之战。   前三节的绝大多数时间,老鹰看上去是那么不堪一击,几乎没给勇士造成多少威胁。库里依旧不可阻挡,哪怕老鹰使出浑身解数,或全场紧逼或区域协防,可是一旦库里寻得手感,对他进行彻底限制俨然是不可能完成的任务。第三节中段,勇士的领先优势逼近20分,主帅科尔大手一挥,库里下场,那一刻,似乎库日天似乎又将提前打卡下班。   然而随着库里下场,形势风云突变,在施罗德率领下,老鹰大举反攻,第三节结束前,塞弗洛沙命中压哨球,老鹰竟然以77比76反超。全场顿时爆棚,主场球迷似乎看到了翻盘的希望。   可是这份希望转瞬即逝。进入第四节,汤普森率先发难,命中两记三分球后稳住局势。终场前6分钟,库里再次上场,先是命中三分球,随后连续中投得手,瞬间扩大分差。终场前36秒,库里稳稳命中两记罚球,就此终结了比赛,快意复仇。   此战获胜后,勇士战绩达到50胜5负,就此成为NBA历史上最快收获50胜的球队——此前72胜的公牛用了56场比赛收获50胜,勇士领先一场,足见本季勇士的逆天状态。   库里当记头功,此役他贡献36+6+8,已然居功至伟,可对今日的库日天来说,这不过只是一份再平常不过的技术统计。暂且不考虑是否能超越公牛的72胜,以目前库里和勇士的状态,究竟谁能阻挡他们卫冕的脚步?   (JOE)相关的主题文章: