196 thousand and 800 yuan should choose who Keleijia outlander Peugeot 3008 (video) borderland

196 thousand and 800 yuan should choose who Keleijia outlander Peugeot 3008 has been a car before friends, most should buy the first models are the three sedan, after the passage of time, people’s consumption concept of change, life habits and needs are changing. When the second car, may ascend far longer budget, you might want a more versatile car, such as he can take you on the way with a wild, such as he can take you to a family of three to go to the suburbs to barbecue bureau. At this time a SUV is more convenient than the car, so today we have a look at the 196 thousand and 800 yuan to have the personality of the city SUV choice. The domestic cost-effective upgrade 16 outlander three four-wheel drive luxury cars are MITSUBISHI outlander 2.4L Grand Edition, as the top with the whole car, the price is only less than 200 thousand, not only have 7 seats with four-wheel drive, the price is really very prominent. The second is Renault Koleos (cf., pictures, inquiry) 2.0L two drive GLS, and all the cars in the top models, the same configuration is very high, but not with four-wheel drive system. The last one is the Peugeot 3008 1.6THP automatic fashion edition, although it is a secondary top, but no control screen is somewhat justified. Judging from the current situation of their own 4S store survey, has been close to the replacement period of 3008 of the biggest benefits of beauty, up to $20 thousand. Followed by Corre, offers 18 thousand yuan, but with low models will not have such a high discount. There is no discount and outlander, relatively disappointing. Size comparison of three cars, the wheelbase and the Outlander car and car high than the other two cars to be big, but it is inevitable, because it is the 7 models, while the 3008 is slightly in the vehicle width on the edge, but the shorter wheelbase. Corre between two cars. Seat layout, only the Outlander 7 seat layout, but the third row space is limited, the remaining two cars are 5 standard normal seat layout. Power, the maximum displacement of the Outlander horsepower is three natural advantages in the car, plus the smooth CVT gearbox, the power should be the best of the three car. Koleos equipped with 2 and CVT transmission power is weakest, 110KW power down just enough. 3008 equipped with a 1.6T turbocharged engine, the torque performance is very good, the corresponding acceleration should have a good performance. The differences in the allocation of the product name 2.4L 4WD deluxe edition 7 2016 models 2.0L two drive GLS 2016 1.6THP automatic fashion edition 2016 driver knee airbag – – – – – – reversing video keyless start system – – – – – – keyless identification cleaning device – – – – – – sensing wipers – Automatic headlights – – – – – panoramic sunroof shift paddles – – – LCD control screen – – – Automatic anti glare rearview mirror – – – – – – air filtration device for lumbar support adjustment – – – – – – heated front seats 2 seats in the third row seat, satellite positioning and navigation system – – – intelligent tire pressure monitoring system – – – – the representative, on behalf of the optional representative from the three car configuration, the Outlander and Correga.相关的主题文章: