18 year old Shantou girl hospitalized in Guangzhou alone ran nearly 36 hours icesword

Shantou 18 year old girl hospitalized alone away nearly 36 hours of high pressure due to suspected suffering from mild depression in Guangzhou, leaving the body when no new Express News reporter Lv Bin reported Peng Cheng Wang just three 18 year old Shantou girl Xiao Ming (a pseudonym) suspected because of too much pressure, suffering from mild depression, this month the beginning and the family came to Tianhe District No.3 Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University in Guangzhou city hospital. The day before yesterday morning, Xiaoming in any property and luggage is not the case with secretly away from the hospital. Surveillance video shows, on the same day at 8:53 in the morning Xiaoming went to the Whampoa  Avenue West to fort near the cloud hotel after they have never been heard of since. Until 8 o’clock last night, with the assistance of the police, the family finally found Xiao Ming at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. While his family left the hospital alone on the toilet, Chen’s father told the new express reporter, some time ago suddenly become a bit abnormal. "She was always very obedient, but after three, may be the great pressure of study, often rather baffling temper or unhappy." Mr. Chen said, the family to the hospital with xiaoming. After a clinical diagnosis, only 18 years old, suffering from mild depression. Mr. Chen said, more than and 10 days ago, they took an Xiaoming came from Shantou to Tianhe District is located in Guangzhou City, the Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University medical. "The doctor let Xiaoming hospitalized for 21 days, September 18th is just tenth days." Chen said that after hospitalization, Xiao Ming’s emotional problems improved, and then in the morning of 18, but secretly left the ward of the hospital, Xiao Ming. "Her mother went to the bathroom and came out in a few minutes." Mr. Chen said, his wife was very anxious, on the floor for a while and did not find, and then find the view the surveillance video, found Xiaoming before 10 minutes alone out of the gate of the hospital. She immediately ran out of the hospital door to chase, but did not find Xiao Ming. Run away without a property at the airport found Mr. Chen about the incident, immediately to the hospital near Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau Tianhe District Shipai police station. Then he passed the surveillance video, on the same day at 8:49 in the morning to see Xiaoming went to the junction of Shipai East Road and Whampoa  Road West, after crossing the Road West to the cloud to fort near the hotel. Mr. Chen said that he did not bring any belongings or luggage. "This is the third time that she has come to Guangzhou, and there is no one here except us." Mr. Chen said, because he had to worry about, missing in the online publication. Until 8 pm last night, Mr. Chen finally came to the good news – the police found a car at the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, then immediately rushed to the airport, the family finally reunited. New express reporter learned from the police last night, airport police found a similar missing woman through video surveillance, and bring it back to the side of the arrangements for police to take care of, while the feedback to the Tianhe police, the police immediately notify the police station led the Tianhe Shipai family to Baiyun Airport identification results confirmed that the woman is Xiao Ming. Mr. Chen said about her daughter how to go alone to the airport, he temporarily do not want to go, just hope and her communication, give her more attention, as soon as possible to help her heal. (New Express)相关的主题文章: