14ise In Burglaries Prompts Fears Over Household Garage Security-reshacker

Home-Improvement A recent study carried out by the British Crime Survey (BCS) has revealed that in the past year, burglaries at homes in England and Wales have risen by 14%. This worrying trend looks set to continue, prompting householders to look again at the security of their homes and garages. "We’re regularly contacted by people wanting to make sure that their garages are as secure as possible," says Tim Stagg, owner of Up and Over Doors, a garage door company in Bristol. "Burglars often break into garages to steal cars, tools, and other possessions. Also, as garage security is often lacking, they can use it as an easy way to get into the main house." Most garage roller doors and ‘up and over’ doors come with a reasonable level of security, but there are a number of simple things you can do to make sure that you keep out the burglars – for good. Here are some top tips from Up and Over Doors for making sure your garage is secure: "Prevention is better than cure". There are a wide range of deterrents on the market, which will stop burglars before they attempt to break in. These include alarms, security lights, and wired or wireless CCTV cameras. "Get the basics right". Make sure you fit a secure lock onto your garage door. There are a wide range of locks on the market, including alarmed padlocks. "Get a Garage Defender". This is by far the most popular garage security product on the market, and is available in different styles for different door types. "Maintain your garage windows". If your garage has windows, it’s important to make sure they’re in as good condition as the other windows in your home. Burglars will easily be able to pry open the window if the frames are loose or rotting. "Keep items inside the garage secure". If you’re at significant risk of burglary, and have valuable items such as bikes inside your garage, you can make them more secure with ground anchors and chains. "Keep your internal doors locked". If you have a door leading from your home to your garage, make sure it’s locked and bolted at all times. You never know when someone may gain access to your garage, so this extra security is vital. For more information on garage door security, visit Up and Over Doors. About the Author: Garage roller door, roller doors in bristol,Garador garage doors,Novoferm garage doors,motorised garage doors,garage door spares,sectional garage doors,Garage door in bristol,roller garage doors,Garage Defender,Garage door motors,garage up and over doors,Garage Doors, garage door security ,garage door company,garage door installation, ..upandoverdoorsltd.co.uk . Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: