76Apple and SHARP consultations for the new iPhone supply OLED screen production is the key|Apple and SHARP consultations for the new iPhone supply OLED screen production is the key2

Apple negotiated with SHARP to supply the new iPhone OLED screen production capacity is the key to iPhone 7  Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 30th news, according to foreign media reports, informed sources said that apple is negotiating with SHARP for the next generation of iPhone OLED screen. Informed sources said that apple and SHARP reached any supply agreement will depend on SHARP’s capacity. Apple has started negotiations with SHARP supply, because the company wants to increase the number of suppliers OLED screen. SHARP announced earlier on Friday that it would invest 57 billion 400 million yen ($566 million) in the development of OLED production equipment, with the goal of putting into production in June 2018. SHARP said in a statement that the money will be used to introduce equipment to SHARP Osaka and Mie factories to provide customers with samples. "Apple secretly encouraged SHARP OLED technology development, investment company BGC Partners in Singapore, Japan stock sales director Amir · Anwar Saad (Amir Anvarzadeh) said," the overall strategy for apple is to increase the competition of supply chain, risk sharing on a supplier facing." SHARP spokesman Uemura Toyoda (Toyodo Uemura) declined to comment on specific customers. Apple spokesman declined to comment. After entering the Foxconn, SHARP developed a strategic plan to enter the field of OLED technology, has decided to invest 200 billion yen to develop OLED technology. SHARP announced today’s capital investment is part of the above investment. OLED screen technology can produce a more vivid image, reduce power consumption. SHARP representatives said the investment was announced on Friday for the smart machine screen, but did not specify which customer. "The investment in response to Apple’s current plan," economic analyst at the Ace Institute in Tokyo Yasuda Hideki (Hideki Yasuda) said, "in the second half of 2018, SHARP is unlikely to put into production, so the decision influence on SHARP’s profits in order to reflect after that." After the announcement of the investment news, SHARP shares rose 2.2%, but close with the previous trading day. SHARP shares have risen 8% this year, better than the market’s decline of 15%. Bloomberg supply chain analysts said Apple contributed about 27% of SHARP’s revenue. Earlier this year, SHARP agreed to accept Foxconn’s rescue package, ending a 4 year acquisition war. SHARP said last month that the company had less than 289 billion of the value of the assets after the capital injection. (compile Xiao rain)

05IPhone 7 how much is it in all countries China is not the most expensive|IPhone 7 how much is it in all countries China is not the most expensive7

IPhone 7 how much is it in all countries? China is not the most expensive iPhone 7 Phoenix Science and technology news Beijing time on September 11th, according to foreign media reports, Apple’s latest flagship phone iPhone 7 has begun online booking, and will start shipping in September 16th. So iPhone 7 in which country to sell the most expensive? This is not popular in the first place to belong to Hungary, the country needs to pay about 700 pounds (about $6210) to buy an entry-level iPhone 7, a full price higher than the U.S. $44%. In the UK, iPhone 7 price is higher than last year’s iPhone 6S of $60, but the former entry-level memory increased from 16GB to 32GB. Over the past few years, the price of iPhone in the UK has always been relatively stable, iPhone 7 price increase may be due to the removal of the UK led to the fall of the pound sterling. Despite the high price of the global iPhone 7, Britain is still one of the cheapest countries to buy iPhone 7 in europe. Apple sells its own sales in dollars, so when a country’s currency depreciates against the dollar, it usually improves its pricing in the local market. When Apple releases the new iPhone, the price is usually the highest in europe. In addition to Hungary, iPhone 7 in Italy, France, Spain and other countries the price is higher than the other side of the the Atlantic, usually several hundred pounds. In the United States, the 32GB version of iPhone 7 starting price of about 487.74 pounds, about $521.75 in canada. However, when included in the retail tax, iPhone 7 price calculation becomes complicated. IPhone 7 is sold in most countries, including the UK, but not in the United States and canada. In New York, for example, it has a retail tax of 8.875%, so the price of iPhone 7 becomes more than $700. In other states, however, there is no retail tax. Of course, the price of iPhone 7 in different countries depends on a variety of factors. Be the most changeful exchange rate, local sales tax, operating costs will affect the final price. At present, there are 31 countries have started iPhone 7 and 7 Plus online booking. Apple’s official website can be seen from the data, the demand for many models are very high, which may lead to delayed shipment date. Apple announced that it will start shipping in September 16th, but after a few hours of booking, Apple announced that bright black iPhone 7 Plus shipments in the UK need to be delayed until the year of November, other colors also need to be postponed for 2 to 3 weeks. (compile sail)